Hartman University Town

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About us
The developer of project is Hartman Education Enterprise Limited,belong to Hartman Education Group. In early 2021, the Group invested in the acquisition of land in Grenada to create a cultural tourism landmark project that integrates student living, campus, student condos, resort and entertainment for lots of international students and hundreds of thousands of European and American tourists each year.
It is expected that the project will create thousands of job opportunities for the local, inject new development impetus into Grenada.
The group provide customers with one-stop services from investment consulting, purchasing qualified units (or sharing), submitting citizenship applications through our own marketing agent, financing loans, tax planning, and overseas asset allocation and management.
Our background as a wholly-owned Hong Kong listed company puts us in a unique position to influence the market, and the Hartman University Town project is just the beginning. Welcome those companies who are eager to provide customers with unique and rewarding products to join our huge agency network. To learn more about our projects and the services we can provide for you and your customers, please contact us immediately.

Only invest US$220,000 for share ownership to get Grenada citizenship

"Student condos are the most stable,sustained growing real estate project"

Invest US$350,000 for sole ownership

"Bright and welcoming atmosphere of the Caribbean Sea"

The project won the three platinum awards of Urban-Design, Conceptual and Property-Development of 2021 the Titan Property Awards, the highest selection of real estate design.

"The project is adjacent to Mt.Hartman National Park. The design is based on ecological priorities, taking into account measures to build symbiosis with the surrounding natural environment, through wetland management, mangrove conservation, restoration of quarry damage, and the protection and enhancement of existing dove habitat and marine resources.
The architectural design strategy takes full advantage of natural ventilation and natural lighting as a starting point to create its own micro-climate, Supplemented with solar photovoltaic curtain wall integration power generation technology, combined with ground source heat pump system, allows the project to achieve effective conversion between light, electricity, and geothermal energy, creating a true zero-carbon, energy saving urban living community,set the standard for sustainable development in Grenada as a best practice."

Change,starting with education

Hartman University Town

We have introduced top international design companies and well-known builders to jointly build the Hartman University Town of Grenada, committed to building a high-quality, professional education complex in the Caribbean, meeting the diversified needs of the market, to provide a high-quality educational system from the US and a full range of supporting services for Central America, the Caribbean Region.

Responsibility, Mission & vision
In order to continuously and effectively promote local employment and economic development in Grenada, As a developer, Hartman Education Enterprise established a non-profit Hartman Employment Development Fund, and jointly established vocational training courses for Grenada citizens with the Ministry of Education and Youth of Grenada.
In the future, the Hartman University Town Project will provide them with a large number of internship opportunities, so that they will give priority to the construction and operation of the Hartman University Town project in the future.
Hartman Employment & Development Fund